90-75 Slicer & 75-2 Bagger Combo
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90-75 Slicer & 75-2 Bagger Combo

The Model 90-75 Slicer and the 75-2 Servo Bread Bagger have been specifically designed to slice and bag pan bread and/or tin bread products at speeds up to 70 loaves per minute.

UBE builds the MODEL 90-75 Slicer & 75-2 Servo Bagger for each customer’s particular needs. Over 1000 installations required numerous customer-driven innovations. Your machine may vary from this typical unit illustrated. UBE wants to meet with you and design your new line.The most dependable blade spacing system, a high-speed pendulum scoop drive, and a flusher discharge conveyor are integrated into the best automatic band slicing and bagging combination unit, ensuring minimal space requirements.

Our automated bread slicing and bagging solution is designed with a compact footprint in mind, reducing space needs without compromising quality. Its top-tier components are suitable for various loaf and bag sizes, ensuring continuous high-speed production.

Our Combo Bread Slicer and Bagger system provide unparalleled flexibility and reliability for slicing and bagging a wide range of bread types, from standard loaves to fruit-filled varieties. The pendulum scoop drive and patented flusher discharge conveyor ensure the smoothest loaf bagging transfer possible. Plus, the single swivel operator control panel simplifies the monitoring of slicing and bagging processes.


  • Adjusting Unit Range/Standard: 3/8” to 5/8”; [9.5mm to 15.9mm]
  • Bagging Speed up to 70 Loaves Per Minute
  • Maximum Product Length: 16”L x 6”H x 10”W; [432mm x 152mm x 254mm]
  • Slice thickness range 3/8” to 5/8” [9.5 to 15.9mm] standard
  •  Maximum Product Length 16”
  • Allen Bradley Touch Screen
  • Automatic Dual Wicket Change System Allows Wicket Change Without Stopping the Bagger Operation
  • Patented Belted Flusher Discharge Conveyor Ensures the Smoothest Loaf Transfer While Preventing Loaf Disruption Often Caused by Conventional Flusher Bars
  • Designed With Sanitation In Mind, Fully Welded Spaced Off-Panel Mounting, No Hollow Spaces Or Frame Perforations, Reduced Horizontal Surfaces And Great Internal Accesses
  • Drum Scrapers to Reduce Crumb Build-Up
  • Infeed Conveyor Phase Variator Synchronizes Infeed Flights to Scoop in Motion for Maximum Flexibility with Loaf Variety, Providing a Full 360˚ Range of Position Control
  • Integration Compatibility with Any Brand Packaging Machine
  • Pendulum-Style Scoop Drive Delivers Low Vibration and Optimal Operation from 35 to 70 Loaves Per Minute
  • Protective Bag Over Scoop System Reduces Package Damage Caused by Hard Crust Loaves
  • Servo Drive System with Strong Gearbox for High-Speed Production
  • Servo Drives Replace All Cams and Provide Independent Servo Drives
  • Simple Pivot Arm Motion Replaces Scoop Slide
  • Skip Loaf Function Allows for Manual Placement of a Bagged Loaf for Closing Without Stopping Equipment
  • The Pendulum System Eliminates Costly Maintenance of Scoop Drive Gearboxes
  • Top Scoop Level Bag Pick-Up and Release Motion Ensures Consistent Bagging Performance
  • Optional Caustic Washdown Construction
  • Optional Extra-Long Loaf Capacity
  • Optional Heel Remover
  • Optional Oil Spray Kit
  • Optional Refrigerated Drums
  • Optional AS4024 Approval
  • Optional CE Approval
  • Optional CUL Approval
  • Electrical Options: 230/380/460 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 3 Ph
  • Blade Length: 176” or 184” [4.47m - 4.49m]
  • Minimum Product Width: 6”L x 2”H x 3”W; [152mm x 51mm x76mm]
  • Category 3 Safety Compliant Guarding with Coded Magnetic Door Switches
  •  Minimum Product Width 3”
  • Allen Bradley Control Logix and Kinetix Servo Frives on a Sercos network
  • Automatic Broken Blade Shut Off
  • Blade guides are offset to eliminate build-up
  • Double Loaf Eliminating Conveyor on Infeed Allows Continuous Operation and Seamless Operation While Machine Is Double Fed
  • Finger-Safe Conveyor Design With Patent Pending Flights on Both Conveyors Allows Full Access of Loaf-Handling Eliminating Tunnel Guarding, Reducing Maintenance
  • Infeed Transfer Rollers Designed for Improved Product Transfer
  • Last Loaf Pusher on Slicer Infeed
  • Programmable Scoop Height, Infeed Phase Change, and Scoop Dropout Timing
  • Rapid Scoop Removal for Efficient Product Changeover
  • Servo Driven Top Scoop
  • Servo-Driven Conveyors, Recipe Setup Pre-Programmed Controlling Different Product Parameters
  • Stainless Steel Frame Features Paint-Free Construction and Easy-Access Guarding
  • Slice Thickness Adjusting Mechanism Easily Removed for Wash-Down Cleaning
  • Top and Bottom Air Jets with Misses Bag Detection
  • Optional Automatic Blade Hone
  • Optional Custom Slice Thicknesses
  • Optional Hearth Bread Kit
  • Optional Metric Construction
  • Optional Raisin Bread Kit
  • Optional Splitter Turner for Half Loafs
  • Optional Water Spray Kit
  • Optional CSA Approval
  • Optional UL Approval


Specifications vary by product and application. Please contact our sales office about product varieties and speeds.


208/230/380/415/460 V - 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz

Air Requirements

15 CFM, 90 PSI - Dry filtered

Minimum Product Width


Maximum Product Length


Blade size

176” or 188” x .016” x 5/16”-7/16” (l-w-h) [4.47m or 4.79m x 0.406mm x 7.938mm - 11.113mm] (l-w-h)

CE Approval, guards and coded magnetic door switches

UL Approval

CSA Approval

Wider versions for longer products available

Automatic bag closer available

Available in metric construction (where possible)

AS 4024.1 Australia Specification

Additional Options Available Upon Request

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