8100 Pattern Former & Tray Loader
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8100 Pattern Former & Tray Loader

The Model 8100 is a tray loading system and a pattern former. This machine is designed to load up to 100 loaves a minute.


UBE builds the Model 8100 Tray Loader for each customer’s particular needs. Over 1000 installations required numerous customer-driven innovations. Your machine may vary from this typical unit illustrated. UBE wants to meet with you and design your new line.


  • Stainless steel frame
  • Automatically adjusts to any pattern selection
  • Allen Bradley Compact Guard Logix PLC with Ethernet
  • Allen Bradley Kinetix 5500 Servo Drives on dual channel Ethernet
  • Smooth, Quiet Servo Drives on Orientor Disk, Product Pusher, and Window Belt
  • Dual strand Intralox MTW conveyor for efficient, trouble-free operation of basket feed conveyor
  • Easily accessible solenoid valves for adjustment of speed control
  • KVP conveyor belts
  • Uses standard plastic trays
  • Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 7 Standard Terminal Touch Screen 5.7”
  • Speed Up to 100 loaves/min.
  • Adjustable guides for different size products
  • Safety interlocked sliding guard doors for easy access to loading area
  • Servo-driven orienting disk, product pusher, and loading mechanisms provide decreased vibration and noise over conventional motors


Specifications vary by product and application. Please contact our sales office about product varieties and speeds.



208/230/460 V, 50/60 Hz

Air Requirements

10 CFM, 80 PSI

Minimum Product Width

Available upon request

Maximum Product Length

Available upon request

Bottom out unstacker

Bottom up stacker

Non-standard tray handling

Extended infeed conveyor

Tray feed & take away conveyors

CE Approval, guards and coded magnetic door switches

UL Approval

CSA/UL Approval

Available in metric construction

Discharge slide

Reload mechanism for double layering of bun products

Multiple basket size handling capability

Hand packing station options

Paddle pusher option

Air-operated rear product gate for manual loading

Food-grade contact surfaces option available for unbagged product

Variety of operator interfaces and PLCs available

Additional machine manuals

Spare parts kit

Multiple container size tooling

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