8400 Tray Stacker
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8400 Tray Stacker

Introducing the UBE Model 8400 Tray Stacker, a game-changer in the world of bakery equipment. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to seamlessly stack or “nest” plastic bakery trays/baskets, ensuring efficiency and precision in every cycle.

Key Features:

Robust Pick and Place Arm: Our machine boasts a sturdy pick and place arm that guarantees accurate and consistent tray stacking.

High-Speed Performance: This system is optimized for both speed and reliability with a robust build that ensuring that product weight doesn’t compromise performance.

Versatile Dolly Loader Systems: Whether you prefer the “Push On” or the “Pick & Place” method, our dolly loader systems are designed to accommodate any dolly design, offering flexibility for various bakery operations.

UBE continues to revolutionize the bakery equipment industry with innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of bakeries worldwide. Watch the UBE Model 8400 in action and discover how we’re setting new standards in bakery tray stacking.


  • Stacks baskets automatically, up to 10 baskets per minute
  • Servo driven stacker head for picking baskets
  • Servo driven stack pusher advances stacks on the floor
  • Stack height counter and load sensors
  • Capable of dropping trays on the ground, dollies, or additional conveyor systems
  • Stainless steel frames
  • Full zone guarding with light curtain exit guard
  • Recipe driven setup with automatic presets
  • Capable of handling multiple tray sizes and varieties
  • Production output monitoring and counters


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