6500 Singulator
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6500 Singulator

Discover the prowess of UBE’s advanced bakery equipment with the Model 6500 Singulator, a bread denester designed for precision and efficiency. Transform whole loaves of bread or cake into perfectly indexed single slices, ready for further processing.

UBE Model 6500 Singulator Highlights:

Precision Output: Achieve perfectly indexed single slices with rates between 35 – 55 pieces per minute per lane at just about any product spacing needed. Versatility: Customize your machine with 1 to 14 lanes, tailored to your bakery’s needs.

High-Speed Performance: Witness the machine’s casually run at a speed of 770 pieces per minute, setting industry benchmarks.

Perfect Pairing: Ideal for integration with ovens, spray systems, egg dippers, or flow wrappers. Enhance your sandwich lines, French toast lines, cake lines, and grilled cheese production.

Dive into the video to see the UBE Model 6500 Singulator in action, showcasing UBE’s commitment to revolutionizing bakery operations with cutting-edge technology.


  • Customize your machine with 1 to 14 lanes at any product spacing required
  • Can singulate sliced product with thickness ranges from 3/8" - 2" thick
  • Category 3 light curtain guarding throughout the system for easy cleaning and access
  • Integrated 90-75 Band Slicer enables whole loaf feeding for reduced labor and production costs
  • Indexed single slices with rates between 35 - 55 pieces per minute per lane
  • Stainless steel frame and washdown construction
  • Capable of singulating Bread, Hearth Bread, & Cake
  • Capable of feeing and integrating with egg dipper systems, butter spray systems, and most additional machinery


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