200 Dicer
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200 Dicer

Discover the unmatched efficiency of the UBE 200 Dicer, a hand-fed marvel designed to revolutionize your crouton production. This state-of-the-art machine effortlessly transforms sliced loaves of bread into perfectly diced croutons or elongated breadsticks, tailored to your desired thickness.


Precision Dicing: The UBE 200 Dicer ensures each slice is diced with impeccable accuracy, delivering consistent and high-quality croutons every time. Versatility: Beyond croutons, the machine showcases its adaptability by slicing loaves into delectable breadsticks.

Hand-Fed Efficiency: While hand-fed, the UBE 200 Dicer’s design ensures a smooth and rapid production process, making it an invaluable asset for bakeries aiming to automate their crouton and breadstick production.

UBE remains at the forefront of bakery innovation, providing solutions that redefine efficiency and quality. Dive into the world of automated crouton production with the UBE 200 Dicer.


  • Heavy duty reciprocating blade assembly for slicing croutons
  • Fixed blade size customizable to exact customer specifications
  • Stainless steel frame and aluminum guards
  • Optional: Casters for enhanced portability
  • Hand fed system with industrial protective safety hood
  • Manual loaf pusher for feeding product through blades
  • Optional: Automatic pusher
  • Optional: Model 10 Band Slicer for additional automation


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